DosePro: A one-stop-manufacturing solution for drug delivery.

From the get-go, DosePro was designed as an integrated system to deliver a reliable, trouble-free experience for the patient and physician. The design of the primary drug container, energy source, and their componentry, controls, manufacturing processes, and manufacturing automation have been coordinated and integrated to work together to make self-injection a simple proposition for patients.

DosePro Drug Cartridge: The heart of the system. 

The DosePro primary container consists of components made of standard pharmaceutical grade materials:  Type 1 borosilicate glass, PTFE, and chlorobutyl rubber.  However, unlike prefilled syringes, the inner walls of the glass cartridge are without silicone-coating, and tungsten is never used in the formation of the glass nozzle…major advantages which safeguard the stability of biologic formulations.  Each and every glass cartridge is strengthened and pressure-tested prior to acceptance for aseptic fill.  Aseptically assembled and filled in a fully-automated process, each drug cartridge is rigorously inspected prior to acceptance for final assembly.

DosePro Actuator: Delivering a precise pressure profile in every dose.  

DosePro actuators have been designed and are manufactured in an automated process to ensure a reliable, accurate subcutaneous dose instantaneously during its shelf life.  During manufacturing, each actuator is subjected to high-precision gas retention testing to assure that the actuator is ready to dose on demand.

DosePro User Interface and Final Assembly: Making 3-step user operation possible. 

The user interface is designed to be easy to use by patients with cognitive impairment, such as experienced by patients during a migraine episode.  When other attributes of the user interface require optimization for the specific needs of a target patient population, the design of the interface and its assembly process can be customized with the internal DosePro drug cartridge and actuator remaining unchanged.

Interested in taking a closer look? 

We would be delighted to arrange a private tour of the DosePro manufacturing operation, where you can see for yourself the high standards by which DosePro is produced.


Battelle, the world's largest independent research and development organization, has partnered with us in a co-marketing agreement to offer the DosePro technology to pharmaceutical partners for developing innovative injectable products. Battelle's integrated science and technology services include industry-leading formulation capabilities and leading-edge medical device development expertise which can apply DosePro to deliver viscous formulations and customize the user interface.  To learn more, click here.